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Simons Maison - home fashion

Pillows & Pillow Protectors

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Editor's pick

Duveteuse pillow
Semi-firm support
Starting at US$50.00
Le Germain H?tels
Divine pillow
Soft support
Starting at US$99.00
Le Germain H?tels
Royal Plus pillow
Firm support
Starting at US$79.00
Le Germain H?tels
Firm Sonatine pillow
Hypoallergenic synthetic
Starting at US$15.00
Simons Maison
Duvetine pillow
Soft support
Starting at US$20.00
Simons Maison

Editor's pick

Synthetic down Euro square pillow US$20.00
Lauren par Ralph Lauren

Pillow Covers

Harmonie pillow protector Starting at US$5.99
Simons Maison

Editor's pick

Sonatine pillow protector Starting at US$9.00
Simons Maison
Duvetine pillow protector Starting at US$12.00
Simons Maison
Waterproof terry pillow protector Starting at US$12.00
Simons Maison
Quilted pillow protector Starting at US$25.00
Le Germain H?tels

Pillows & Pillow Covers

Treat yourself to peaceful nights of sleep with a comfy, durable pillow that's adapted to your sleeping habits. Our selection features natural pillows (down or feather fill), synthetic pillows (polyester fill), and memory foam pillows. Choose between a firm, semi-firm, or soft support to help relax your neck muscles.

Don't forget about pillow covers—they're bedding essentials, too! Placed between your pillowcase and pillow, they'll ensure that the latter remains fresh and clean. Our Simons Maison and Le Germain Hôtels designs are soft, durable, and machine washable. A few of them feature a light fill for added comfort.

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