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Simons Maison - home fashion

Sheets & Pillowcases

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Natural Fibres

Luxurious textiles made of cotton, bamboo, and linen that adapt to body temperatures for higher-quality comfort.

Percale Plus

High-quality 200-thread-count percale in a durable and easy-care cotton-polyester blend.

Bamboo Rayon & Blends

Bamboo rayon has a soft and silky texture and aptly adjusts to your body's temperature.


A supremely soft and wonderfully warm fibre for superb sleep in colder climates.


Ramen pillowcase US$9.50
Simons Maison
La vie est belle pillowcase US$9.50
Simons Maison
Kitty cat pillowcase US$14.00
Simons Maison
Love nest pillowcase US$9.50
Simons Maison
Romantic Love pillowcase US$9.50
Simons Maison
Dreamy sloth pillowcase US$9.50
Simons Maison
Faux-silk pillowcase US$9.50
Simons Maison

Sheets & Pillowcases

A comfortable bed promotes deep and restful sleep. That is why, at Simons, we offer a vast selection of quality sheet sets and coordinated pillowcases. They will have you waking up from the best sleep you've had in years—every single morning!

For a wide selection of colours and patterns, choose our 200-thread-count percale sheets. For soft and breathable comfort, choose natural fibres such as linen, organic cotton or Egyptian cotton. For a silky texture, treat yourself to our bamboo rayon sheets. Finally, for a dose of comfort during the cold season, choose our flannel sheets. Are you ready for divine nights of sleep?

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