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Simons Maison - home fashion

What's in My Lunch Box?

A sandwich covered with a beeswax wrap, beautiful, eco-friendly bags filled with snacks, bamboo utensils, and reusable straws.

Simons Maison Exclusive

Colourful silicone reusable straws (Set of 6)

Save 45%
Reusable Essentials For An Eco-Friendly Lunch Box At Simons Maison

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Îlot culture

Montreal, Quebec

With her innovative designs that help keep food fresh, Jessika allows us to reinvent the way we eat by adopting a responsible, waste-free, and eco-friendly approach.

Bamboo natural-Finish Denise Water Handmade by Îlot Culture at Fabrique 1840
Ceramic Essentials Set For The Kitchen Including a French Butter Dish, a Salt Jar and a Garlic Jar, all Handmade by Îlot Culture at Fabrique 1840
Ceramic French Butter Dish Handmade by Îlot Culture at Fabrique 1840
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